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World for Toddlers


Explore Todly, the great platform that keeps your toddlers entertained and enhances the knowledge of your kids by way of amazing graphics, fun accompanied sounds, puzzles, colouring and much more.

Fun Educational Platform


Todly is an educational platform that is great for toddlers who just begin to learn. An awesome solution that features a variety of diverse educational activities where kids can learn and have fun at the same time.

Preschooling Toddlers


This platform encourages pre-school children to engage in learning. It helps parents to keep their children motivated towards learning. It is the perfect platform to keep your preschooler learning on the go.

Independent Learning


Todly exclusively designed for young minds that provides a quality learning experience to Toddlers. Simple navigation and tapping allow toddlers to learn independently, associate sounds with images and have a great time in building new skills.

Download Todly-Animal Flashcards Now.

Todly is an application that teaches the names of the animal kingdom using flashcards and Toddlers can touch the cartoon images of animals to find real-life photos and sounds for each. Educate your child through interactive flashcards that utilize both spoken audio and animal sounds.

Exclusively designed for small hands to strengthen those early motor skills of your child with the Todly flashcards. Your child can choose from five different flashcard decks, including farm animals, wildlife, sea life, birds, and insects. This educational app is great for toddlers who are just beginning to learn. Your child will love colorful illustrations following the audio and animation. Creatively design Flashcards for toddlers ages 2, 3, 4, and 5.

More Apps in Pipeline

Connect the Dots

Playing connect the dots will take your child to a great imaginative trip as kids love to connect the dots to see what object is revealed.

Magic Coloring

Let your child have fun with colours, an easy way to learn colours and improve their motor skills.


Improve toddlers thinking skills just by bringing the fun pieces together to finish the puzzle and discover what the mystery is.

Shapes and Colors

Enhance your child’s ability to recognize and match shapes, distinguish colours and match them through simple interactions with touch screens.

Matching Numbers

Match up the numbers, play with the numbers as it’s an amusing way for kids to learn numbers and counting.


An interactive way to involve kids naturally in educational activities accompanied by audio and animation makes it more fun for young learners.