08 Best Tools For Software Developers in 2022

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08 Best Tools For Software Developers in 2022

Numerous development tools are available for Software developers, often making them scratch their heads while choosing one for development. 

Many of us think that there are not many tools available. On the other hand, there are many that every programmer should know and use in their daily tasks. They can easily accomplish their development process in real-time. 

Development tools include code editors, linkers, debuggers, assemblers, etc. A software developer should know the factors required while selecting the tool according to the project type.

We have made a list of the top 10 tools for software developers which make them enough efficient and competent in the industry. 

1- SQL – For Database Interaction

SQL is a Standard Query Language used to work with the database. Software developers can easily read, update, and delete data from tables using SQL. 

SQL for Database Interaction for Software Development

Apart from knowing basic commands, like SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE, a programmer should also know how to write complex queries using join, aggregate functions, subqueries, and other advanced functionalities.

2- Python – For Coding and Programming

Python is a high-level, object-oriented programming language that is very versatile. You can create big applications as you do in Java, and you can use Python to develop useful scripts to automate stuff. 

Python for Coding & Programming for Software Development

It also has numerous modules that make almost anything possible, from accessing the file system and developing web applications to machine learning. It also has simple, easy-to-use syntax, making it the perfect language for someone trying to learn computer programming for the first time. 

3- Git – Version Control & Code Repository

Every programmer or software developer must have sufficient knowledge of a source control repository because you need to do check-in and check-out of code every day. To become a better developer, you should know advanced concepts like branching and merging. 

GIT Version Control & Code Repository for Software Development

In today’s world, Git and GitHub have become synonymous with source control repositories and version control tools. This is the most critical tool for a programmer now, and that’s why I suggest every programmer learn Git and GitHub truly well.

4- Excel – To Enhance Productivity 

Many of us undermine the importance of Microsoft Excel in development. It is another essential tool for programmers and software developers. Please don’t mistake it for a spreadsheet application. You can do much more using Excel than you can imagine.

Excel to enhance productivity for Software Development

The biggest reason to learn Microsoft Excel is that you will find it everywhere. Everybody uses it, from businesses to BA, QA, and project managers. You can use it to generate reports, automate and reconcile stuff, and more.

5- Text Editors – VS Code

Text editors in programming are game changers. Every programmer should know one text editor pretty well. Software developers do a lot of text processing jobs, and learning a text editor will always help.

Apart from NotePad, a perfect, omnipresent, basic text editor, I encourage programmers to learn some advanced text editors, like VS Code or NotePad++.

Text Editors vs Codes for Software Development

They support regular expression search and replace and Macros which will help you with your everyday work. 

6- Kubernetes – Container Orchestration

This tool is also a buzzword in cloud computing because it makes scaling an application easy. Gone are the days when you have to buy a server, set up infrastructure on the server, and then spend weeks deploying your applications.

With Kubernetes and Docker, you can quickly scale up and down your application to handle a burst of traffic and save money when traffic returns to normal.

Kubernetes Container Orchestration for Software Development

Kubernetes takes what Docker offers to the next level by automating the scaling process, making it a unique tool in today’s cloud-native world.

7. Linux Commands

Just like SQL, Linux commands are another essential tool for programmers. Every programmer has to work on UNIX sometimes, and many of us spend most of our day on a Linux machine.

Good knowledge of Linux commands means you can find what you want. Know what’s going on with the machine, and troubleshoot any issues with your application running on Linux.

Linux Command for Software Development

8. AWS – Cloud Platform

Cloud Computing has taken the world by storm. Every other company is moving to the cloud. No matter whether you are a startup or a big business; both are opting cloud for better scalability, high availability, and cost reduction.

And AWS is the oldest and most significant public cloud provider. AWS is critical for any developer because it gives you an idea of how you can build and deploy your application without buying a server.

AWS Cloud Platform for Software Development

Opening a startup has become easy because you need to code your application, and AWS can take care of everything. From running the app to scaling the app, logging, storing data, and much more.


Honestly, there are more tools that we have mentioned, and there are some essential tools that every developer should use. Software developers must have sound knowledge of devices because they help the development process in the long run. These tools are considered real-time savers. 

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