8 Best Wireframe Tools For Mobile Apps in 2022

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8 Best Wireframe Tools For Mobile Apps in 2022

Being a designer means your mind is always occupied with creative ideas. No matter what you are doing, eating, communicating, smiling, driving, or sitting quietly, your mind never rests. 

When an idea hits your mind, you instantly grab the pencil and paper and start sketching it before it goes out of your mind. Whether you are thinking of a design for a website or mobile app, design, in design language, your initials are called wireframes. 

Wireframes are the visual representation or initial outline of your design idea that you might be creating for mobile apps, landing pages, or websites. Common shapes usually represent complex designs. Once the designers agree on the wireframe’s basic structure, it can be turned into a high-end prototype that looks closer to the final product. 

Generally, designers look for a dedicated app to enhance their expertise in creating wireframes. However, it is also assumed that they will fully improve your design and do all necessary fixes here; we count on the best wireframe tools. 

To build more understanding, we have listed more accurate wireframing apps that help experts and non-expert designers create terrific wireframes. These tools are ranked according to user-review ratings on satisfaction. 


  1. Figma 
  2. InVision 
  3. Draw.io
  4. Miro 
  5. Wireframe. CC
  6. MockFlow
  7. Jumpchart
  8. Wirefy 

Wireframing tools have significance for those who work in fast-paced development teams and need to have rapid-product reiteration. 


All the tools in this list have an offering that is free forever, meaning those tools offering free trials were left off the list – although we do mention those best wireframe tool options after our ranking.

1- Figma

Figma is an all-rounder platform for UX/UI professionals and a well-built offering for creating wireframes. Its starter package is free and one of the most flourished platform offerings on this list – 3 active projects, 30-day revision history, but also, two editors at any time, and unlimited cloud storage.

figma - best wireframes tool

2- InVision

InVision is an all-in-one bets wireframe tool for prototyping, and mockup tool for designers and is one of the most well-known brands in all of the wireframing software.

InVision’s free wireframing plan gives individual UX/UI designers the tools to create one functional prototype or wireframe at any time. It’s a basic plan for freelancers and those not working collectively.

invision - wireframing tool

3- Draw.io

Draw.io is a free and open-source wireframing software that feels similar in UI to Google Docs and has powerful features. Gathered, it might be the most sturdy free best wireframe tool on this list.

Users can export designs to their Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or directly supported integrations including, Lucidchart, and more. An added benefit is its active open-source community that works to fix product bugs and issues and add new features.

draw.io is most recommended wireframing tool

4- Miro 

Miro is an online whiteboarding tool for distribution product and UX teams. It is a handy tool for fast prototyping; because it is exceptionally interactive and uses a light version of Figma. Miro isn’t as compelling as other dedicated prototyping tools, which seems negative, but serves as one of its strengths since its limitations help facilitate faster prototyping, with an experience that feels like sketching on a whiteboard in a virtual room with the rest of your team.  

Miro wireframe tool

5- Wireframe. cc

WireframeCc is a browser-based free wireframing solution for designers on the go. Accessible anywhere through a browser, it’s a simple and less complicated tool with a delicate The free version allows users to create a detailed wireframe at a time, and it comes with tools to customize the grid layout, typography, canvas size, and more.

wireframe.cc is one of the best wireframe tool

6- MockFlow

MockFlow is a comprehensive UI tool that offers free mockup and wireframing features in its forever-free plan. Its free offering allows for one active UI project at any time, two reviewers per project for collaboration, feedback, sharing, and basic wireframing and mockup features.

mockflow - best wireframe tool

7- JumpChart 

Jumpchart is also a browser-based wireframing tool that allows designers to mockup and plans a website wireframe to share with key stakeholders, clients, developers, and more. It includes one active project at a time, 10MB of storage, ten pages per month, and two users per project. 

jumpchart - one of the best wireframing tool

8- Wirefy 

Wirefy is an entirely free wireframing software that is open-source and comes available in a desktop download – in this case, downloading a Git repository. For those who have never done this,

The platform requires basic HTML and CSS knowledge but is a robust UX/UI tool with an extensive collection of atomic elements to create advanced and flexible wireframes.

wirefy - one of the best wireframing tool


Wireframing tools help designers, to describe their product designs and workflows without investing in prototypes. Through this, designers can easily find issues and user experience problems within apps. Before launching and help explain and share with key organizational stakeholders.

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