Reasons why WordPress is still the most popular Website Builder in the world

Reasons why WordPress is still the most popular Website Builder in the world

To a recent study, it is estimated that more than 455 million websites use WordPress, No wonder when it comes to having a website for any purpose we get into the debate of its design and development. How to get it, how to find a designer etc, which is the best builder etc.

That’s why experts recommend WordPress because choosing the right builder highly impacts a website’s performance, look, and functionality.
With no exception indeed WordPress is the most popular website builder and content management system (CMS) that helps businesses at large.

Here we have dug out more reasons to know why WordPress is still popular and acing the website world.

1- Convenient yet Simple

It’s the most common choice of developers around the world, this quality helps in tackling tough competition. It brings convenience to everyone and eliminates complicated technologies. 

The designing and development decisions are in your hands either to the work with a professional developer or WordPress website designers to get custom designs, and features.

WordPress is simple & convenient.

2- Highly Progressive

WordPress is dynamic like other gadgets and systems it evolves with the latest technologies and trends and also caters to user needs.

Many websites changes with time in terms of functionality and purpose but WordPress holds it brilliantly and stays up to the mark.

WordPress is highly progressive

3- Well-known Blogging Platform

In 2003 WordPress was one of the best blogging platforms and today after many years it is still the best one among bloggers. However, there are many competitors but WordPress keeps setting exceptional trends in blogging.

Either you want to make a single-author blog or want to make a whole online magazine. . Bloggers can make quick edits easily without going through any coding.

WordPress is used as Blogging Platform

4- Most SEO- Friendly Builder

SEO plays a crucial role in the marketing of your website and every owner prioritizes SEO optimization of their website. SEO simply ranks your website at the top of the search engine. For some website builders, it is difficult to incorporate complete SEO strategies, in WordPress the case is different. Its SEO compatibility is 100x times better than many other builders. WordPress makes SEO easy through plugins.

Most SEO-friendly website builder is WordPress

4- Accessible Source Code

WordPress serves as an open-source, which means its software code is accessible to creators. So, they can change or edit it for different purposes. This allows us to make progress with time this helps to go through improvements in terms of themes and plugins.

Access to source code is simple on WordPress

6- Easy To Manage Content 

In case you don’t have sufficient knowledge about web building then you don’t have to stress about it. It also gives power to non-developers to manage their websites. 

This is one of the main reasons that it is recognized among bloggers or in corporate teams. They can easily do it by themselves and rarely needed professional developers in case they need extreme technical help.

Its easy to manage content on WordPress

7- Easy to Make it Responsive

WordPress gives the choice to make the website responsive according to every device like smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers. It gives visitors convenience and different user experiences.

WordPress is still the most popular Website Builder because of its easy to make responsive.

8- Speedy & Efficient 

WordPress indeed allows you to develop a website in no time. Hardly it takes a single to get it done it just requires pictures and content. Many offer all the above options but none of them will offer all at once, and none will rise to the value, flexibility, and efficiency of WordPress.

WordPress is still the most popular Website Builder because of Speed & Efficiency.


Indeed WordPress is the most popular website platform and is considered a prime builder among others because it comes with so many extraordinary features and convenience. If you plan to manage it on your own once it is ready, you should be the one making certain decisions like what content management system (CMS) to use.

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