Automate your business with WhatsApp Business API

Automate your business with WhatsApp Business API

What do you do first when you wake up in the morning? You check your phone. That’s how you start your day. No matter who you are or what you do, you always need to connect with relevant people.

When we consider the business, we need communication platforms to connect with customers to sustain a long-term relationship. Here’s the idea of Whatsapp Business API has emerged, proving to be one of the fastest-growing sources of communication for businesses.

Whatsapp Business API lets businesses connect directly with customers via WhatsApp. It comes with better efficiency and ease of messages to customer communication.

A Simple Yet Modern Solution to Connect Customers with Businesses

We all know that Whatsapp is the smart alternative to messaging services that provide speedy and cost-efficient messages transmitted through devices connected to the internet. Due to its conversational nature in no time, it has become the prime need for business communication.

● It supports businesses of every level, from high-profile organizations to small and enterprise businesses, to interact with their customers in a meaningful way.

● Let’s businesses initiate chats with the global customer base and share updates about products and services.

● Make good use of a messaging app that brings customers and businesses together to create reliable conversations.

Whatsapp Business API - A simple yet modern solution to connect customers with Businesses

How Businesses Can Make The Most of Whatsapp Business API

Once your business progresses with continuous messages and cannot be handled by limited resources, WhatsApp business API is your next move because of its hurdles and restrictions.

You know it’s terrific if you know that the Whatsapp business API is recognized by almost every industry. Be it healthcare, banking, food, fashion, or service providers, it’s for all.

It is highly beneficial in this dynamic and digital era; for instance, a bank that caters to more than a million people in a day resolves a million complaints of their customers. Here they automate their chats through chatbots, and that’s how they minimize human effort here. On the other hand, it is convenient for consumers; they can reach the business anytime and get the fastest resolution.

How Business can make the most of Whatsapp Business API

Must-Know Characteristics

Through automated messages, your customer never feels neglected. You can welcome your customers with an automated greeting message that builds a good image of your business.


For the massive flow of incoming messages, it’s suggested to incorporate automated flows that directly control internal processes automatically with sufficient support. Also, you can avail yourself of interactive buttons that support predefined answers.

Communication Automation


Chatbot helps agents to attend essential chats. When using the bot, you required a live agent to be there.

  • In closed conversation, choose a scripted chatbot to guide customers through a complete service journey.
  • When in need, go for an AI-powered chatbot similar to AI conversational cloud.
Chat-Bot feature

Know The Messaging Process

Whatsapp business API carries two types of messages;

  • Session messages by customer
  • Templates message by the company

Session Messaging

The limited messages by WhatsApp are session messaging, which ensures

  • Customer experience and
  • The business’s privacy, along
  • Quick response to messages

As a user, you are supposed to reply within 24 hours in the message window. Once the window is closed, the business will shift to template messages.

Session Messaging via Whatsapp Business API

Template Messaging

They are well-scripted, prepared messages with no time limit and can be sent outside the care window. Through it, notifications and updates can be at any hour.

  • It is not as linear as a session message.
  • Before delivering messages, you got them approved by your BSP (business solution provider)
Template Messaging via Whatsapp Business API

Quick facts

  • Send valid notifications and deliver superior customer support with WhatsApp Business API.
  • Automate customer support and handle more queries with bots
  • Process requests, orders, and payments in real-time
  • Transfer to a human agent for a high impact conversation
  • Deliver an omnichannel customer experience
Quick Facts about Whatsapp Business API

Wrapping Thoughts

It’s almost the part of every business to make customer satisfaction a priority. With no exception, the WhatsApp business API plays a crucial role in it. Whether it is a growing audience, boosting sales, or efficient customer care to notify your audience, WhatsApp API takes this case to the next level.

It covers both sides of the story; from the consumer perspective, it takes them to their comfort level of personal messaging experience. For businesses, all the communication process is automated with no hassle and delayed responses.

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