Major software development challenges and solutions

Major software development challenges and solutions

Innovation has gotten quite possibly the most fundamental part of our regular daily existence. Each business has developed with the progression in software advancement. The software engineering teams in various spaces and business environments face dynamic difficulties. The software development trends straightforwardly influence business tasks and permit organizations to adapt to the steadily developing difficulties of the business.

Challenges of Software Project Development:

Being involved in a software development project either in designing, developing, or managing, you have to face dynamic issues as it is a complex process & involves procedural measures. The challenges vary as the nature of project work differs. I have divided the challenges, based on the team’s perspectives, to gain an insight into what difficulties are faced in specific domains.

Challenges Faced by Software Designers:

1- Client’s Perspective vs Target Audience Perspective:

When a project is initially assigned, a client’s perspective is sometimes blurred due to a lack of technical awareness or lack of understanding creating a gap while designing software from the perspective of the target audience.

Client's Perspective vs Target Audience Perspective

2- Design Consistency:

When the business requirements are huge and features are complex in a software system, the design consistency is badly impacted due to certain factors, like stakeholders’ influence on design change and aligning features with those changes.

Design Consistency

3- Large-Scale Design Data Management:

Business requirements documents of some software projects which include large-scale data manipulation, and complex features addition like in medical, aerospace software, navigational and Defence software needs special care from a design perspective as huge and sensitive data is to be managed on a user interface. 

Large Scale Design Data Management

4- Design Requirements:

Proper requirements are needed to be gathered with a clear project scope so that design complications in terms of user experience may be reduced.

Design Requirements - A challenge in Software Development

Challenges Faced by Software Developers:

1- Requirements Gathering & Undefined Quality Standards:

 Requirements elicitation is a big challenge in software development as it defines requirements from the user, customer, stakeholders, etc. perspective. It is also mandatory to define quality standards and the best approaches for avoiding issues of undefined and unknown quality standards.

2- Time Management & Unrealistic Deadlines:

 Most of the time, clients demand a quality software system and expect it to be done within ideal timelines, which causes time management a challenge for developers. Many times, requests change from customers while seeking approval by developers for any module, when they request any functional change that alters the behavior of the software or a unit of software, it creates deadline delays, and is sometimes hard to manage within a certain given time.

3- Lack of Proper Documentation:

 Documentation plays an important role and provides insight into the details of a software system that is going to be developed. Software developers frequently face this challenge as documentation mostly reflects unrealistic or missing required information. That’s why proper documentation should be prepared to avoid any misconceptions later on.

4- Lack of Communication:

 Lack of communication with managers or clients is a great hurdle in the way of developing standardized software and functionalities development within a given time and it also creates a barrier of requirements clarifications and low engagement.

5- Unrealistic Project Scope:

Uncleared requirements also create a challenge of unrealistic project scope and many times, developers are unable to perceive the transparent client’s perspective as major deliverables, key milestones, and constraints are not properly defined or coordinated with them.

Challenges faced by Software Developers

6- Inappropriately Perceived deliverables:

key deliverables help the developers to develop and deliver a product within time but on the contrary. If requirements are not clear, can harm the final deliverable directly.

7- Understanding Existing Code:

 If a project is built from scratch, it is comparatively more fluent than updating an existing one as it is not easy to understand a previously written code. Developers should comment on every code section while developing so that if some new programmer wants to modify any software functionality, he would then be able to perceive the coding logic more frequently.

8- Continuous Change Requests from Stakeholders & time delays

 Another major challenge that software developers face is continuous change requests. Any particular module is goes to them before deployment for approval. They ask for an unexpected change although the developed functionality is exactly what they demanded initially at the time of requirements gathering. Therefore, modification, updates, reintegration, and code optimization cause delays in scheduled timelines.

Challenges Faced by Software Management:

a. External challenges while dealing with the client:

External challenges related to software development project refers to the issues that the project managers and organization administration face when they are dealing with clients for any software project.

1- Technical awareness of client:

Technical unawareness of software development projects is the main reason why almost all software managers or project coordinators face a situation in which they have to deal patiently as the client just wants the output despite technical limitations. Therefore, this challenge is a big issue while gathering requirements for any software project.

2- Budget and resource management:

Many clients have limited budgets if compared to what they want and demand in a software system. This situation leads the managers to revise their development practice & plan iteratively and sometimes, multiple times as the restricted budget develops resource limitations for them.

3- Attention to detail:

Healthcare, Defence, and similar projects require great attention to even minor details as this software has complex functionalities and can cause damage to life and property and thus plays a sensitive role. 

4- Customer credibility:

Unit testing and preliminary module integration testing provide validation to certain software but still, it requires credibility from clients as they perceive every software functionality from their perspective. The client’s credibility is the key to success for any organization. 

Challenges Faced by Software Management

b. Internal challenges while dealing with the team:

Internal challenges refer to the in-house challenges that managers face with the development team.

1- Clear & efficient internal communication:

 A clear and efficient network of internal communication is the foundation stone for any project’s success. Development enhances the organization’s credibility in the viewpoints of clients.

2- Visualization gap due to improper project coordination:

If there is a lack of proper coordination between the development team and managers then a visualization gap may arise. A manager is one who is dealing with the client and understands the client’s perspective. This can create a markable obstacle during the development of software.

3- Skillset limitations while project ideation:

The skills of the available development team also create hurdles while ideation and planning. Take a software project as client demands are sometimes hard to achieve within the existing resources.

4- Belief in team intelligence capability for research-based projects:

Managers and Chief Innovation Officers have to rely on and believe in their team’s capability. Especially when they are committing to any research-based projects.

 5- Problem Solver – Being a Team Leader:

Last but not least, a team leader should be a problem solver. As he is the one who has to face external client dealings for a particular software project. Also has to resolve issues that may arise within his development team.


Working on a software development project is easy. there is no challenge in software development that doesn’t have a solution. All we need is to remain focused on what we do. Whether you are a software designer, software developer, or the one who is leading a software team. 

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