Top Features That Every Business Website Must Have

While pursuing a website, users are first captivated by an appealing web design, the next feature that they need simple website navigation and particular content that is relevant to the business. It is highly recommended that all businesses should use websites that are valued by users to hold the consideration of a target audience because people are getting more specific about the time they spend on the web. In case you’re developing a website, you need to ensure that you fabricate something amiable and usable.

Importance of a Website for a Business:

Admittance to the utilization of the Internet produces changes all through an individual’s everyday lives. In the monetary circle, web-based advertising and the progress of electronic trade, i.e., e-commerce, have adjusted how business gets led, wherever around the globe. With this instrument, organizations have acquired another approach to perform assignments, communicate with users, and deal with their business. 

Features of a Business Website:

How to know that your business website is a full-featured and well-developed web design? Although there are limitless variables, there are explicit and telling highlights of perfectly developed sites, regardless of the type of business or industry, which any organization can utilize an indicator to gauge against. The following are the absolute most significant features of a very much constructed website composition of which to observe. These highlights are fundamental for each site to convey the outstanding outcomes that site visitors and proprietors anticipate.

Functional Features – Key to Appeal Customers:

1. Well-defined Information Architecture:

The trendy and well-defined information architecture of a business website is the basic feature that every business website must-have. A site’s information architecture (IA) is the hidden association, design, and terminology that characterize the connections between a website’s content or usefulness. Alongside that, distinguishing proof and definition of site’s content and functional usefulness. Fundamental activities involved in IA are;

  • Grouping of information
  • Content stock
  • Descriptive data creation
  • Content review
  • Adequate naming conventions
2. Search within the site:

A key appealing functional feature of a business website is the search bar that has real-time data pipelines within the whole website. Customers when visiting a site to purchase something, or booking, or any purpose, the search within the site will facilitate them. If the search bar has an auto-complete suggestion feature, it will enhance the usability and searchability that will be counted as a plus for the website.

3. Simple & easy navigation:

Any business website must have a clear and user-friendly navigation bar. The sites that have complex navigation are considered less attractive and many times users get confused as to where they have to navigate for a particular purpose, whether they are taking some information or any other purpose.

4. Interactive forms:

Another important functional feature of a business website is an interactive web form that permits a user to enter information that is shipped off a server for processing. It can take after paper or information base structures since web users fill the forms utilizing input fields, checkboxes, or radio buttons. These are information gathering forms containing questions that intelligently change dependent on user input. 

5. Fast loading of webpages:

Waiting for a site to load is much bothering the users and because of this, they can likewise lose interest in additional visits to your site. As per an examination by Geoff Kenyon, if your website loads in 5 seconds, it is quicker than roughly 25% of the web. If your website loads in 2.9 seconds, it is quicker than roughly half of the web. On the off chance that your website loads in 1.7 seconds, it is quicker than around 75% of the web, and if your webpage loads in 0.8 seconds, it is quicker than around 94% of the web.

6. Integrated links to business social media pages:

Another functional key feature of a business website is Social media integration that utilizes online media accounts as an augmentation to a business’ advertising technique and this is accomplished by guiding your web-based media crowd to your site and permitting your web-based media records to be handily gotten to on the site.

7. Geolocation map integration:

 Integration of geolocation maps can enhance business accessibility via the website. The possibility to improve supply chain network, interchanges, and client correspondences for map geolocation APIs is immense. There will be numerous manners by which businessmen could delineate their business world and coordination. B2C (Business-to-Customer) organizations could be connecting with their intended interest group from various perspectives utilizing maps, for instance adding area-based offers, items, and services.

8. Browser consistency:

The consistency of a browser is the capacity of a specific site to show up completely functional on various browsers that are accessible. This implies that the site’s HTML coding, just as the contents on that site, ought to be viable to run on the web browsers.

Non-Functional Features – Grab the User’s Attention:

1. Essential business information on the landing page:

 Most users visit a business website for getting relevant information, i.e., your contact information, business overview, product, and categories brief information needs to be mentioned on the website landing page.

2. Mobile optimized compatibility:

A majority of the users usually prefer mobile phones to access certain websites so mobile optimization compatibility is the basic feature that every business website must-have nowadays. A mobile-optimized site is a site that is designed explicitly for a smartphone or a tablet. A mobile-friendly site doesn’t need somebody to squeeze and zoom in to read text.

3. Easy to use:

The website of every business should always have a user interface that is easy to use for even children. Simple structure, easy data, relevant icons, and graphics utilization, and most importantly, easy website navigation appeals to a user a lot.

4. Enhanced Usability:

Enhanced usability is the convenience that implies user-focused design. Both the design and process of development are centered around the imminent user, to ensure their objectives, psychological models, and prerequisites are met, to assemble products that are proficient and simple to use.

5. Well-formatted, consistent & quality content:

Look & feel creates the first impression of a business website to any visitor. Data that is well-formatted, a content quality that is up to the mark of standards, and the links that are not broken consistently are the basic key features that either attract users or make them not visit the site again ever.

6. Eye-appealing high-quality visual graphics:

High resolution and clear images can create an impression on users when a business website is aimed to sell any product online. You can also use charts and graphs to show your business growth, product reliability & consumer credibility as well. 

7. Professional color theme aligned with business logo:

The professional color theme of a business website represents the maturity of professionalism. The logo of every business is its basic identification that must be correlated by its website.

8. Blogging – A key feature to keep the audience engaged:

Blogs play a vital role to keep the target that is relevant to a specific business organization. Writing for a blog and relevant posting is an amazingly valuable tool to expand traffic to your site and your business. It assists with site design improvement massively because it gives Google and other web search engines motivation to crawl your site again to index the content of your site.


It takes a blend of numerous features to develop a site that is useful for business and user-friendly as well. The combinations differ generally as indicated by the particular requirements of a specific business. Given such varieties, it tends to be hard to say whether one webpage is a genuinely better website composition and more compelling than another.

Asiya Mazhar


Asiya is an experienced & proficient software engineer. Being Project Coordinator at CodeLabs, she is responsible for managerial tasks dealings and coordinating for software projects.

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