How Covid-19 has Impacted Technology Sector

Over the past few months COVID-19 has swiftly taken over the world and its continuous growth is causing pervasive concern economically for consumers, industries, and communities.

In this stage of lockdown and quarantine, technology is playing an essential role to keep our life remotely functional and help businesses to stay open.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the drastic changes that have occurred in the technology industry.

Impact of Technology

As you know, most of the employees now work from home, which has increased the demand for networking devices, team coordination, and data protection. High customer demand for broadband can also contribute to network changes, such as cloud computing.

During this pandemic, there is enormous growth in the IT industry economy all thanks to social media platforms, teleconference tools that help people get in contact with one another throughout the lockdown.

Embracing New Normal

Our day-to-day lifestyle patterns have changed in this global health crisis and we now consider many things as new normal, such as making digital payments, online shopping, telehealth, e-learning, and digital entertainment. All these areas are designed to take over completely.

The technological area is expected to have an immense market expansion in the upcoming years because of the high demand for software and social media channels such as Google Hangouts, WhatsApp Video Call, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams. Each of these teleconferencing devices helps those in quarantine keep in contact with close relatives as well as attend conference meetings and work concurrently.

People have realized the value of the internet and technology during these crises because this facilitates them to stay healthy and helps connect between the doctors and the public.

Dealing with Challenges

In contrast, this pandemic has affected the global supply chain. Many factories are shut down leading to technology products running out. Not only this, disruptions to the organizational, workforce and supply chain can cause consequences for financial statements in present and future time frames.

Spontaneous or persistent economic crisis can lead businesses to make drastic funding cuts which reduce expenditures. Remote employment, online education, and social distancing can generate demand from the tech industry for goods and services.

This awakens the need for scalable and adaptive marketing strategies with a strong reliance on cash-flow management and effects on operations and business service providers.

Furthermore, technology enterprises could experience several additional challenges relevant to the industry. Some businesses in the technology industry depend on consumption overseas which has been slowed since the outbreak. Also, technology support may fail to keep up with the growing customer demands. Some of the customers delay the payments since this pandemic has aggravated an already dubious global economy.


This pandemic is changing our traditional ways and is continuing to change-making us to adopt digitization and stay current in the latest technology as it is very much essential to keep business running and competitive against Covid-19. The tech sector has survived past challenges and, on each stage, figured out a new way and emerge stronger than ever.

In reality, tech firms have paved the way on a range of tactics that are now being used by other sectors to cope with this crisis — from remote work to a globally distributed production process, to disruptive management.

This catastrophe will indeed ignite even more innovation and growth.


Naba Ahtasham


Naba is a Content writer with Engineering Bachelor degree. She takes care of all the documentation and  a key person in making project strategy.

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